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Smart Switch

RF433Mhz+Wifi Wireless Remote Control Smart Switch,Wall Panel Transmitter ,Smart Life/Tuya APP ,Works with Alexa Google Home. Product Features
  1. Voice Control:Works with Alexa for easy voice control if your hands are not free.
  2. Remote Control:Control your electrical applications with the “SMART LIFE” phone app,anywhere,anytime,as long as your phone has a signal.(A wall panel transmitter switch is able to control the devices,too. )
  3. Multi-Functinal Switch:One Wall Panel Remote Transmitter Switch is able to control multiple RF433 Relay Receivers,and multiple Wall Panel Remote Transmitter Switches can also control one RF Relay Receivers at the same time.
  4. No WiFi to Control:With a battery in the Wall Panel Remote Transmitter Switch,you are able to control the devices connected to the RF433 Relay Receivers without WiFi,as long as there is sufficient battery voltage.
  5. Customer Protection:60 days refund guarantee and return for any reasons within 15 days.ce,CCC ,RoHS Listed.
  6. Attention:The RF433 Relay Receiver and the Wall Panel Remote Transmitter Switch must be used together,so you can’t buy one receiver or one switch alone.
1. Q: Can I control the devices normally with little battery voltage
A: Not yet.When the battery voltage is insufficient, generally get close transmitting.So promptly change battery,please.
2. Q: Can a 3 Gang Wall Panel Transmitter Switch control three different devices connected to the receivers in different places?
A: Yes,a 3 Gang switch can control different devices apart,although one is upstairs,and another is downstairs.
3. Q: Do I need to make a hole to install the switch?
A: No, there is no need.You just need a double-sided tape to stick it anywhere you like.
4. Q: Does this work with Google Home?
A: Yes,it does.And it’s also compatible with Alexa
5. Q: How to install?Is a c-wire required for the switch?
A: Install the receiver where the device requires,and then control the device through our switch.No c-wire required for the switch.

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